During our discussion, I talk straight with my longtime friend and writing partner, Amy Hallberg, about my relationship with alcohol and how quitting drinking in March of 2021 was one of the most impactful decisions I've ever made. Amy is the kind of person you talk straight with, even when you don't anticipate doing so. She is the founder of Courageous Wordsmith, an award-winning author, a podcast host, and a writing coach.  To learn more about Amy, check out her website: https://courageouswordsmith.com/

Reading specialist, Mary House, shares key information about how to  empower kids to become more competent readers, and parents to become better supports along the way. She also gives great recommendations on how to help children with ADHD thrive in reading. 

During our discussion, Ryan Mayer, an ADHD coach, ADHDer himself, and beacon of hope in the ADHD community shares words of wisdom and encouragement about how to be your authentic self and still thrive with ADHD. To learn more about Ryan, check out his website: https://ryanmayercoaching.com

In this episode, my 21-year-old son, Will, and I chat about his meditation journey, the dark period in his life beforehand, and the many benefits he's experienced as a result of his meditation practice. Will also gives great practical tips about how to develop a meditation practice. 

During our discussion, mother, teacher, and author, Nicole Biscotti, empowers parents and teachers to provide game-changing support for students with ADHD. Nicole recently launched her book, I Can Learn When I’m Moving: Going to School With ADHD, which she co-wrote with her 9-year-old son, Jason, who has ADHD. Nicole is articulate, compassionate, uber-smart, and an exciting new voice in the ADHD community! 

Will Quie speaks candidly about what it's like to live with ADHD, how he channels his restless energy, and new realizations about the mind and body connection.

Ryan Mayer knows how it feels to get fired from not one, but two jobs. In this podcast, Ryan shares about the pitfalls and blessings of having ADHD, how its impacted his marriage, and how he's harnessed his ADHD superpowers to help others find their brilliance. 

In this episode, I talk with my dear friend and writing partner, Amy Hallberg, as she shares straight-up (like always) about what it was like to grown up as "the smart girl" in a Southwestern suberb of Minnesota.  Amy's insights given her first career as a German teacher shed an even greater light on the pros and cons of gifted-and-talented education. Amy Hallberg is the author of German Awakening and the founder of Courageous Wordsmith. She lives in Minnesota with her family. 

Stephanie Deer, the mother of a 9-year-old beautiful boy with autism who is also a special education teacher, shares her top 8 parenting recommendations for navigating the special needs journey. What's abundantly clear in our discussion is that Stephanie gets what it's like to walk both sides of this journey - the parent and the teacher side. She tops off our discussion by providing 4 parenting tips on how to navigate distance learning. 

Elaine Taylor-Klaus is a mother of three young adults with ADHD, a virtual parent-educator and coach, the author of multiple books, and the co-founder and CEO of ImpactADHD.com. Her parenting advice during our discussion on how to pass the batton to our children, take the marathon view, and teach our children different levels of problem-solving is invaluable. 



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